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Friday, May 22, 2009

Contact Point : What you should know.

Contact Point was set up so healthcare professionals, the police and social workers can communicate more efficiently regarding the safeguarding of children. This list should be compiled of children who are already on the databases of these organisations and be added to when new cases of concern arise. The database should not be compiled using the names of children who have not had any contact with these organisations with the pretext that if something does arise they already have the information on the child. This is a database that will be accessed via the internet by using a username and password by hundreds of thousands of individuals who work within the relevant agencies. They have no right in having access to information on children who have never and possibly will never need the involvement of those agencies. There are serious data protection concerns and future identity theft implications connected to this database and given the governments history of database leaks, such as the child benefit fiasco where the names and addresses of families who were claiming child benefit were left on a train, this an accident waiting to happen and the consequences of personal information about all our children falling into god knows who’s hands does not bear thinking about. Indeed the only people who’s children are not being added to this database are those who’s parents are in the public eye such as politicians and celebrities. The reason for this, in the governments own words is because of security concerns. Why should celebrities and politicians and people in the public eye be exempt from having their children on this database. If it is potentially not safe for them it is potentially not safe for everyone. On the news in England where I live there is a heartbreaking story about a young child ‘Baby P’ who had more than sixty visits from the Police, Healthcare professionals and social workers and because of the failings of these organisation in communicating with each other ‘Baby P’ died at the hands of his abusers. The news agencies are now talking about the ‘system’ (as it was )being too complicated for effective communication between the involved agencies to take place. There has been (to date) nothing in the media about the fact that Contact Point is already up and running in the NorthWest of England and over the coming months it is going nationwide. We are being conditioned via the media that we need this database and for cases such as that of ‘Baby P’ we do!. In the very week that Contact Point went ‘live’ we are being bombarded with a story which is highlighting a problem in order to gain the reaction from the public before they announce the solution. Problem, Reaction, Solution!

How The 'Problem-Reaction-Solution' Paradigm Works 1. The government creates or exploits a problem then attributes blame to others 2. The populace react by asking the government for protection and help 3. The government offers the solution that was planned long before the crisis Outcome: Rights and liberties are exchanged for the illusion of protection and help

For the sake of your children do something about this.
Andy Phillips 22/5/2009


Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Icke has been talking about Problem-Reaction-Solution since the mid 80s. So I know exactly what you are talking about. He said: Governments have been using this nefarious way of making the people think they need something, so they create an incident so the people are outraged or frightened.
They offer the convenient solution to the problem so that the people think it was the public reaction that made them act so quickly. The truth being the Governments already have it in place.

11:28 AM  

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